Together we are stronger

b-connected is a network which works through neighbourhood support teams to look after our community and address everyday issues. We work to organise, help and support local initiatives aiming to provide real benefits for all our residents.  

Braunstone Alert

The Braunstone Alert is a community newsletter produced every 2 months.

It provides a chance for everybody with something useful to say to share their opinions, inform the community of news or events and discuss local issues. We have about 85 outlets where you can pick up a copy including:

  • The BRITE Centre – Braunstone Ave.
  • Braunstone Leisure Centre – Hamelin Rd
  • The Lodge – Braunstone Park
  • Neighbourhood Support Office – Wellinger Way
  • Business Box – Oswin Rd.
  • Health and Social Care Centre – Hockley Farm Rd

And most local schools, community centres and Shops!

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